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India, is on the way to become an economic powerhouse and effective participation of citizens in the world’s largest democracy is non-negotiable to make it happen.

We, at PapSwap are committed to promote citizen centric governance by capturing the voice of people from grassroot level and channelize it bottom-up for the leadership to make better policies for economic empowerment and social upliftment of the people helping the country achieve 5 trillion dollar economy.

We need to move beyond traditional models of governance – where citizen input is received just once per election cycle, and sometimes not at all – to one that is more open, inclusive and responsive to citizens where input is sought on a regular basis and fed back to the policy making and their effective on-ground implementation.

We are here to support governments to build institutional systems that incorporate citizen voices in decision-making processes, and thereby increase the responsiveness of government programs to people’s real needs.

Policy is the basis of
“Good Governance”

We offer our strategic intervention at three distinct levels of engagement spectrum:


We work with people’s representatives to understand the development needs of their respective constituencies in the realm of existing policies and schemes. We provide on-ground advisory support to the representatives in helping them understand the impact of various policies and their intended benefits for their people and understand the need for any policy level interventions to address the local needs. Involving people in discussions about how to tackle a problem that affects their lives is much more likely to generate successful solutions.


Political institutions are slow-moving by nature and corporations many a times are in a great position to lead the charge. Corporations also have a responsibility towards their shareholders, employees and most importantly communities to make a difference through public policy process. Public policy can also catalyze positive action on issues that are important to business and society, including climate change and economic opportunity. We can help you with brand strengthening at the grassroot level by identifying the right interventions through public policies targeted to address issues of a specific geography or demography.


Citizen feedback is an important means by which government engages with citizens. However, media across electronic, print and social channels is not bothered about measuring the real impact of various policies for the goals they intended to achieve. At PapSwap we are committed to maximizing the benefits of existing public policies for the good of the people and also capture their feedback in the bottom-up approach to ensure their reach to policy makers. A diverse country like ours, needs to listen to its people not only their views on politics as to who are they going to vote but also which policies are making the most impact in their lives and their expectations from the lawmakers to address the gaps, if any.


• To promote governance using policy as a tool rather than politics (policy over politics)

• To become a platform for citizen engagement to voice their opinion over policy matters

• To be the messenger of good policies by spreading awareness about them

• To help citizens exercise their rights in availing the policy benefits

• To proactively monitor and evaluate the outcomes from implementation of policies and programs

• To help corporates and Governments engage with communities in a meaningful manner

• To create an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem for economic upliftment of communities

• To offer a platform for dialogue on policy driven governance

• To strengthen the democratic roots by creating a seamless channel between people and republic

• To brand Varanasi as the “Policy Capital of India” for debate and discussion on the issues of national/ international importance

• To identify the “Changemakers” and provide them platform to come together for a larger cause

• To conduct academic programs for youth to crate next generation of changemakers and good Samaritans

Policy Engagement Partner

We closely work with the central ministries and state governments as their Policy Engagement and Outreach partners creating the required buzz about the notified policies amongst the intended beneficiaries through on-ground activities, conferences, summits and seminars.

We pick up the electoral constituencies having Member of Legislative Assembly leading the charge in case of state policies and Member of Parliament to lead us on central government policies. It helps the people’s representatives to connect with their electorates and fulfill their aspirations by extending the various policy benefits in an organized manner.

Policy Advocacy

Policies are clear plans about how a social, political, or economic vision is achieved and how ideas are transformed into actions. Policy advocacy is well defined as efforts taken by organizations, groups, or individuals to closely work with Governments to bring a new policy or amendments therein for the larger good of policy beneficiaries, industry, economy and the larger good of the country.

We are committed to work with industry to understand their challenges from regulatory, ease of doing and public good perspective and raise their voices in most credible way with the appropriate levels of Government for resolution.

Public Outreach

Awareness-raising is a process that seeks to inform and educate citizens about the policy interventions or their needs in absence of a policy framework. Grassroot outreach is an effective tool to mobilize the power of public opinion to address the issues faced by the community or making them aware of various Government benefits which could be leveraged as their right.

We deploy multiple awareness-raising strategies, methods and tools that can be used to convey and spread messages, and to gather the public support.

Public Policy Think Tank

It is important for policy makers to understand the significance of deliberative democracy and the preliminary conditions to conduct effective and successful deliberation for the purpose of producing best quality decisions.

We aim to build a non-partisan think tank to deliberate on the efficacy and effectiveness of policy interventions for individual, society, organisations, economy and the overall nation building. We bring together a diverse range of policy makers, leaders and visionaries from across economies and business, to deliberate on wide ranging topics right from economic development to business, and entrepreneurship, to strategies including leveraging spiritual awareness of Bharat and its people to stay ahead and in control.


Policy Accelerator Hub

The Policy Accelerator Hub is a novel initiative by PapSwap through which talent from the university environment is encouraged to actively participate in solving existing challenges in society by developing effective public policies. The hub is aimed to create a space for collaboration, using the model of business accelerators, in which students learn to develop public policies, following all the steps – from the idea to the presentation of the policy developed in front of the decision makers.

The acceleration program involves a series of events whose role is to familiarize participants with the notion of public policy, to recommend model policy briefs or white papers, to present success stories and to connect them with policy makers. We shall provide support to prototype and pilot a new innovation program or policy intervention as if they were startups to embed new ideas and ways of developing effective innovation policies as a core part of their participation.

The best performing students successfully submitting a policy draft shall be issued the most coveted super tokens called “Changemakers” recognizing their efforts in the nation building process.

The Changemakers

In this ever changing world, we have many heroes fighting the odds to make this world a better place to live and its is our responsibility to acknowledge and applaud their efforts in the society.

We’re committed to making a network of changemakers across the country to create a positive force of change by using the power of technology and connecting the changemakers already leading the way.

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