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Incentives for Incubators

Incentives for Incubators

Capital grant: Capital grant on setting up/scaling up technology infrastructure for the private host institutes shall be reimbursed upto 50 percent of the eligible amount subject to maximum limit of INR One (1) Crore, first installment to be capped at 25 percent of the maximum limit. The demand for the same shall be raised on quarterly basis by incubators. The limit of INR 1 crore shall be increased to INR 1.25 crore for incubators established in Purvanchal/Bundelkhand regions.

Capital grant to government host institutes shall be given in exceptional cases only post approval by PMIC. However, despite not getting the capital support, government incubators will continue to act as first point of contact for startups on behalf of Startup Nodal Agency.

Operational expenditure: Financial support to incubators upto INR 30 Lakhs per year to cover operational expenditure for 5 years or until self-sustainable whichever is earlier. This incentive shall be granted to those incubators which have 10 or more startups incubated. The year-on-year continuation of operational expenditure support shall be solely dependent on incubator's performance assessed through Incubator Performance Evaluation Framework released by Nodal Agency and approved by PMIC.

Acceleration Programs: Acceleration programs are short to medium term mentoring programs to support startups with business expansion once they have scaled up from an idea to formal product launch in the market.

A matching grant of INR 5 Lakhs per year (Maximum INR 2 Lakhs per program) shall be given to competent institutions (upto 25 institutions per year) to run acceleration programs for supporting the startups. Acceleration programs with minimum 10 startups participating shall be eligible to get incentives under this program and maximum 100 programs could be organized in a year under the policy. The competent institutions in this case would be GoI/GoUP supported/sponsored incubators, angel investors registered with SEBI/Banks or reputed academic institutions. Capping on total number of institutions benefitted could be relaxed by PMIC on recommendation of PIU.